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Breaking news on BP Texas City

OSHA today announced an additional $87 Million in fines against BP emanating from the March 23, 2005 explosion at the Texas City refining facility which killed 15 workers and injured hundreds.

These fines are in addition to the original OSHA fines of $21.3 Million initially assessed. The original assessment and settlement agreement of September 2005 obligated BP to initiate a number of safety changes and repairs to the deteriorating facility. BP was given four years to complete the project. Last August, OSHA issued BP a letter warning that BP did not appear to be compliant with the terms of the agreement and OSHA  was consider additional measures.  

This new fine is for failure to comply with 100’s of safety items and also jeopardizes the agreement BP previously reached with the DOJ.  Brent Coon, the lead attorney on the civil litigation emanating from the explosion, will be available for a conference call to discuss these and other issues associated to this important breaking news at noon, through the conference information attached.  

Friday, Oct 30th 2009 - 12pm CST

Conference Line: 877-845-2478

Passcode: 654321

Additional materials associated to this matter can also be found at the BCA website, www.texascityexplosion.com.


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