BP Texas City Explosion Brent Coon

U.S. CSB Investigators Conclude 'Organizational and Safety Deficiencies at All Levels

Updated: 3/20/07 1:30PM CST

Mr. Coon is scheduled to appear at tonights CSB hearing, scheduled to begin at 6 P.M. CST. Please attribute the statement below to Mr. Coon; he will also be available after the hearing.

"We are extremely pleased with the CSBs findings. With this, CSB has irrefutably tied BPs budget cuts, poor management and overall disregard for worker safety to the fatal explosion at Texas City. We expect that BPs leadership, up to and including Lord Browne, will now have no choice but to accept full responsibility for the 15 deaths, the dozens of wounded and the thousands of lives shattered by that tragedy almost two years ago."

For more information, visit the CSB news release, by clicking here.

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